Hypercube Laboratories Online

Hypercube Laboratory, founded 2012, is a research and development firm located in Orlando, Florida. Originally started by Doktor Argus Q. Faux for the development for the Hypercube Home Learning System video-series, after the discovery and implementation of Hypercube’s Psychoustics Audio-System the Laboratory took a sharp turn towards the development of various multimedia projects including short films, animutations, art-synthesis and live performances.

Hypercube’s mission is to educate the general public about the hazards of living in Post-Rupture Earth and using our comedy-based technology to overcome a massive surge in the Psychic Mesh to defeat byproducts of living in the modern era such as depression, anxiety, isolation and mental-constipation.

Hypercube works with a close-knit team of artists, engineers and other social-anxiety driven scientists from all over the world to craft new forms of cerebral-flux entertainment and video-prescriptions.

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