Journeyman Field Manual

The Fundamentals of Reality Augmentation and Introduction to Sub-Aether Networking

Whether you’re just starting out or even a long-term user of Hypercube Labs Journeyman Program, the contents within will help you to develop and maintain special skills you can utilize in your endeavors across multiple realities.

The History of Hypercube Labs

A comprehendible two-dimensional representation of the Hypercube.

During an experiment with his Psycoustics™ brainwave management system, Doktor Argus Q. Faux discovered access to a series of transmissions within a previously undetected radio spectrum known as the Sub-Aether Network. Work quickly began on retrieving information and securing access, which resulted in the discovery that our instance of reality is on a seemingly-infinite plane which resides inside in a metaphysical container which holds countless other alternate realities. These planes are constantly passing through each other as the container itself, referred to as The Hypercube, repeatedly expands and contracts while processing data collected from the planes within and conveying it through the Galactic Blockchain.

After these revelations, Hypercube Labs was immediately founded with the commitment to further investigation. Quickly the supercomputer mainframe HyperCORE was constructed as a data repository and sub-aether communication system (HyperCOMM).

Early information retrieval from the SAN revealed that when our reality plane collides with another, it can create fluctuations in the fabric of space-time known as warps, and it is currently postulated that the Hypercube counts these warps in efforts of random-number generation for use in an algorithm that seemingly would take literal eternity to complete.

Hypercube Labs began sending field agents out to monitor warps it could detect through their monitoring of the Sub-Aether Network and further investigation showed that when warps occur, it can result in phenomena that is paranormal or supernatural such as the appearance of flying objects, unusual creatures, ghostly or shadowy figures and many other situations that are normally thought to be hallucinations or false memories. It also showed that warps have the potential to cause pockets of reality to destabilize and create tears which could result in the destruction of our dimensional plane. This discovery would come to be known as The Feast of the End Times.

In an effort to detect and observe warps, Hypercube Labs started constructing a series of detector posts known as Pylons. These polyvinyl non-articulated tubes would pick-up fluctuations and send back the coordinates to the HyperCORE for logging and observation.

After more research and deep-web scraping of the Sub-Aether Network, the team developed techniques for correcting warps and stabilizing reality. This would ultimately result in the creation of Hypercubism, the world’s first scientifically-engineered philosophic ideology to consistently produce and promote positive results in the maintenance of our universe. The early field agents and scientists who learned to utilize this system and would venture towards possible annihilation in an effort to preserve our home called themselves the Journeymans and are the creators of the Hypercube Journeymans Program™.

By using the information and techniques below, you too will be able to contribute in our efforts of securing a null-warp future an ensuring our continued processing be prolific and prosperous.

Reality Augmentation and You

Quite possibly the most useful tool in the Journeymans’ kit is the ability to Don’t Think™. This isn’t merely “not thinking”, this is engaging in the active suppression of learned processes that humanity has been overly dependent on. When early humans discovered thinking, quite by accident, they immediately fell in love with it. Over time, this would weaken their perception to the influence of the Sub-Aether Network and disable them from utilizing this open web-mesh of information in turn for their own proprietary forms of communication. Thinking inhibits your brain from interpreting events occuring on multiple planes of reality, such as warps and tears, and can lead to the accidental occupation of a hazardous zone.

“Don’t Think”, and the practice thereof, is un-training your body and clearing the mind of distractions such as ideas or concepts. By deactivating the romanticized over-utilization of the brain, YOU can pick-up on invisible influence emanating from the inconceivable structure of the Hypercube itself. This will allow you to engage directly with disruptions in various dimensions and correct them in order to prevent them from creating disastrous predicaments for their present population.

Unfortunately, there is no real way to bestow these abilities upon anyone through instruction or demonstration. However, once a potential user is aware that Don’t Think™ can be applied, they are able to engage in it’s application by their sheer willpower. Harder than you’d think, Don’t Think™ can take eons to master, but even novice practitioners can use their abilities to repair unstable barrier region events.

Hypercube Labs is hard-at-work implementing a worldwide relay system that can detect space-time abnormalities. This set of polyvinyl non-articulated tubes is known as the Intercontinental Psycoustics™ Pylon Network, made up of a haphazard pushpin-map of Local Pylon Arrays. Journeymans in the field are encouraged to construct pylons by either assembling them from a basic list of materials or by converting existing structures into Pylons by the application of a Reality Augmentation Decal Stabilizer (RADS).

When pylons are detected, they are instantaneously added to the nearest LPA and will begin relaying Psycoustics™-encoded data that Journeymans can use as a low-power communications system and aid in the detection of anomalies.

Individually assembled pylons, also known as nodes, are able to utilize deep-web crystals such as Peasium, Ironix and other refined elements (available from Hypercube Labs) inside of a resonance chamber. Crystals exposed to internally-processed Psycoustics™ transmissions can be charged and used like personal amplifiers to aid in Don’t Think™ or deciphering messages from the Sub-Aether Network.

A converted pylon is made when a RADS is placed onto the structure. This works for nearly everything the RADS is affixed to, from streetlamps and tall buildings to guitars and automobiles. Converter pylons are just as essential as assembled models, and normally make up the bulk of any Local Pylon Array. Converter pylons also enhance the abilities of nearby nodes leading to quicker charging times and longer-lasting crystal effects.

The best way to energize a Pylon is by placing it near a HyperCOMM enabled device. HyperCOMM transmits Psycoustics™ signals twenty-seven hours per day, and can be accessed by either joining the HyperCOMM PC Server (available through Discord on Windows, iOS and Android) or by playing episodes of Time for the Show. Each episode of Time for the Show is algorithmically engineered to boost Pylon nodes and energize local arrays. Each episode has a different effect, so be sure to play them all!

The Preservation of Sub-Aether Information

Increasingly throughout society, it is being sought that individuals register an identity through the means of biometrics. This practice often violates the conscious Journeyman’s efforts at maintaining a dimensionally-neutral position which aids in their roles and engagement with Don’t Think. While forms of identification such as Driver’s Licenses and State ID cards are usually found to only require minimal documentation of ones immediate reality, Biometrics can often vary by the work a Journeymans has been performing or plans to do which in one case makes them unreliable as personally identifiable information. Journeymans often hold their biometrics as a sacred key to the gates of the Hypercube, believing they are the true identity of the vessel passing through dimensional planes and regard their signatures as incredibly personal. Hypercube Labs shares this sentiment, and proposes that no one should require the biometrics of any person. This includes, and is not limited to, physiological profiles such as:

  • Facial recognition
  • Finger geometry (size and position of fingers)
  • iris recognition
  • vein recognition
  • retina scanning
  • voice recognition
  • DNA matching

We believe that governments, employers and financial services do not have an inherent access to these features of any person, Journeyman or not. However, we propose that any Journeyman should reject these kinds of “signatures” at any opportunity whether requested voluntarily or mandated. Our biometrics are a personal code that should not have to be shared, especially when no organization has proven that the information they have collected is safe. We are our signatures, and no one owns us.

Dimensional Alignment Days occur approximately every quarter. These days provide higher probability for Journeymans to successfully utilize transdimensional tethers. Because these days fluctuate and do not match the Gregorian Calendar, tethering attempts and pylon node activation typically fall on the last Saturday night/Sunday morning at midnight of the quarter.

Ultraparallel Day – Last Saturday Night in April
Orthogonal Day – Last Saturday Night in October

That’s IT! The rest is up to YOU! At this point, you can visit the Hypercube Labs shop to purchase credentials to inform others of your intent to maintain and salvage our world. You can also acquire supplemental packs of RADS for use in your propagation of the Intercontinental Pylon Array, as well as custom apparel to represent and spread the word of Hypercube! DON’T THINK, Hypercube GO!