Time For The Show!

Time For The Show is a weekly, live-broadcast, radio-style show which airs Monday evenings at 10 PM ET via FreeThinkRadio.

Hosted by Hypercube’s own Doktor Faux! Time For The Show is a dissection of the universe, reality, time, and the show itself. Joined by the ever-handsome Reverand [sic] peas [sic], from his secret compound at 6428 Doby Peak Drive Las Vegas, Nevada 89108, the hosts dive head-first into a heated DEATHMATCH of anecdotes and smarmy comments. The Show also features regular guests in the studio and outside commentary via the HyperCOMM Discord Server. The show is live, and completely reactionary to it’s audience: The Showciety.

Born from the ashes of the Thorazine Urine Podcrust, TFTS is Hypercube Studio’s flagship podcast. The original motto of the show was “each week we’re going to come up with something for next week’s show”. Now the show follows a different theme each-week, including travelling through deep space, escaping a deadly “nucular” reactor, lesbian astronauts, and miniature horses. The show has regularly occuring segments such as The Blind Eye where the hosts describe a certain group of people they wouldn’t raise a stink about if they got hit by an exploding bus, as well as the play-along game of Is It a Band? where the hosts take shots at predicting whether or not hypothetical band-names submitted by the audience are being used by real bands. Other segments include Ask Peas, Messiah or Pariah and Fidd Crowe.


The primary-purpose of the show is to promote Hypercube Laboratory’s efforts to further funding for research and development into the fulfillment of the end of the world, in an effort to leave this one and gain access to a higher-level in the cosmic servers running our earth simulation.

All of the hosts, and several of the Showciety, are active members in the Church of the SubGenius. Time For The Show has been featured on their live weekly (terrestrial) radio-show The Hour of Slack on WCSB Cleveland radio. The show has a podcast version available on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitchr and streams live on Freethink Radio‘s station on the Tune-In app, or at www.freethinkradio.com. The show also receives funding from the Showciety via Patreon.com/Hypercube

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