Hypercube Labs Studio – Multimedia Design and Production Services
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VHS Digitalization and Remastering

Preserve your VHS tapes! Home videos, concert footage, teleconferences!
Using broadcast-level professional equipment, our video transfer system is designed
to duplicate the look and sound of your source material. Your footage can be forever
stored as a lossless digital file you can play on any computer or smart TV, you can
even upload them to YouTube and Facebook!

We also provide video editing and restoration services such as:

  • Audio repair and enhancement
  • Video titles and transitions
  • Color balancing and correction
  • Noise/Hiss removal
  • Adding music or sound-effects
  • Image stabilization and tracking

We can also make custom DVD or Blu-Ray discs, including interactive menues, for an additional charge.

To get a quote for VHS Digitilization, please click here.

Custom Silkscreened T-Shirts and Textiles

Your design or logo printed directly onto the fabric or material of your choice! Perfect for bands, businesses, and creators seeking to distribute quality branded merchandise to their fans or customers.

Have your image transferred to:

  • Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets
  • Drink Coasters
  • Patches
  • Aprons and Cookwear
  • Decals and Stickers

Your choice of material and ink colors. Premium features include glow-in-the-dark, marbleizing or metallic effects.
Custom Silkscreening is limited to one color of ink. Jobs requiring multiple colors may require to be outsourced to one of our vendors.

To get a quote for Custom Silkscreening, please click here.

Graphic Design and Promotional Materials

Need to make a statement or announce an upcoming event? Then take note, as our in-house design team can create logos, event posters, advertisements, album covers, facebook banners and more! 

Your work will be crafted by a professional artist and optimized for digital environments so you can properly utilize social media and merchandising opportunities. Best of all, YOU own the rights to the image! No need for copyright negotiations or royalty fees!

Past clients include Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Church of the SubGenius, Illuminated Paths and dozens of various independent acts and businesses across Central Florida!

To get a quote for graphic design, please click here.

Voice-Overs and On-Camera Promotions

Now YOU can empower your message by having it spoken aloud by the one and only DOKTOR ARGUS Q. FAUX!!!

Promote your next event, share an idea, exclaim your love (or disdain) to the people in your life! No line is too trivial for DOKTOR FAUX!
As heard on Hour of Slack, Time for the Show, TTN and various other projects broadcast globally!

If you would like to hire Doktor Faux as your next pitchman, wingman or conman CLICK HERE (Redirects to Fiverr)

Full-Scale Video Production

Have your music video, training sessions, live events or commercial produced by an exclusive team of professional videographers.

To get a quote for Video Production, please click here.

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