Incredible EXCLUSIVE Merchandise DIRECT from Hypercube Labs!

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Hypercube Labs now sells all of their self-manufactured goods on! From silk-screened shirts, pamphlets, 3D models and more! Purchasing from PACKSLACK means that 100% of your order goes to Hypercube Labs, and your orders are personally overseen by a cabal of trained capuchin monkeys (or Doktor Faux, whoever clocks in first). 


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You can also shop at our automated store on Zazzle, the Hypercube Merchbot

Products on the MERCHBOT store are print-on-demand, which can result in varying quality. However, this is currently the only way to get certain merchandise such as coffee mugs, playing cards and full-color T-shirts. There are also several designs currently exclusive to the Zazzle Merchbot Store. Hypercube Labs only makes a fraction on purchases through Zazzle, so if you’re aiming to support us through merchandise purchases consider ordering through PACKSLACK or by donating below!