Hypercube Replica 3D Model (Pink)


3D printed UV-reactive PLA model of the Hypercube, stands 4″ tall and nearly 7″ diagonally.

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FINALLY! Now you can continue your Journeyman training with an officially-licensed 3D model of the Hypercube!

These ultra-light yet durable models are made with PLA plastic in UV-reactive colors, and easily sit “flat”. About the size of two VHS tapes, the model stands approximately four inches tall, and approximately 7″ diagonally. These models look great from every angle, an incredible optical-illusion that will help you in your meditation and practice of Don’t Think philosophy. The models are strong enough to be hung by string, and they look great hanging from ceilings as much as they do as sitting on desks, makeshift shrines and the backs of toilets.

Each Hypercube model is printed on-demand by one of our loving and/or unruly engineers, and shipped to you with a certificate of authenticity from Hypercube Labs!

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PLEASE NOTE: This page is for exclusively for PINK Hypercube Models, for other colors please CLICK HERE!

Hypercube 3D model designed by Doktor Cosmac

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