Doktor Faux


Hailing from a secret research facility in the North Georgia mountains, Doktor Argus Q. Faux has been creating multimedia art since 2012 in his Orlando, Florida-based Hypercube Laboratory. He was working on a home-video series known as Hypercube Home Relaxation System, which including the video mash-up collections Hyperween and Faux’s Secret Stash. In 2013 Faux began showcasing the films as well as a live mash-up set in venues around Central Florida leading up to musical event in corroboration with the Church of the SubGenius known as the Hypercube Orlando Devival. In 2016, Faux joined together with several local musicians and formed the rock-n-roll group The Right Angles. Through 2018 the band played more than thirty shows across Florida and recorded one live album and recorded two takes for an EP record, which was not released. The band would go on to feature at Hypercube’s first music-festival, Sell-Out Con 2018. The event took place between two venues in Orlando, Florida featuring over a dozen live bands, burlesque performances, art and food vendors. Over 200 people attended Sell-Out Con, and the band was nominated for Best Experimental Act in the Orlando Weekly Reader’s Poll for 2018. Since 2017, Doktor Faux and his friends Fidd Chewley and Reverand [sic] peas [sic] have broadcast their live-streaming radio-style talk show known as Time for the Show every Monday night at 10 PM in conjunction with

Doktor Faux and the Right Angles at Copper Rocket in Maitland, Florida

Hypercube and Time for the Show have received steady support from the Church of the SubGenius, and have been featured on the Church’s official radio broadcast The Hour of Slack, including two a two-week broadcast where an episode of TftS was played in it’s entirety over the air. Hypercube also works with local media label Illuminated Paths when producing live shows and attending events. Faux has created several versions of his “zine” Cubespeak, which acts more like a newsletter for followers of the Hypercube Philosophy, and has also been selling prints of his digital artwork as well as paintings since 2009, then with friend Bryan Bindman and their art-house Cardbored Studios. Faux and Fidd Chewley constructed the Halloween Maze for Tampa band The Prople, onsite at Coffins Print Shop in Orlando, Florida in October 2017. He attended in his Bozo Americanus persona Pay the Clown.

Doktor Faux has joined forced with space-based technocrats and future totalitarian leaders TTN. You can find out more about them HERE.

Faux enjoys creating art from found footage on VHS tapes, and has a sizable collection of bizarre films and rare clips on the format, which he archives using genuine broadcasting equipment and an array of custom-built capture devices and effect generators including one from Rev. Caller 23 of BarTR622. He also enjoys glitch-art and noise including audio and visual. He ended up blowing out a CRT television when he played it like a drum in creating the short film The Glorps. He is a fan of “Weird Al” Yankovic, Devo, the Crazy Dave Tape Crew, Troma Films, Joe Murray, Chinese buffets, GWAR, Floppy diskettes (any size), Dr. Pepper and a sizable bubble of personal-space.

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