TV the Bunny Rabbit

I have a bunny rabbit named TV. She is black-and-white bunny-rabbit, with two big ears. She eats her own poops, which is natural for bunnies.

When we first got her, she was about 3 months old. She came from an exotic animal rescue in Florida.

When we first got her, we were told she was found inside a cage at the bottom of a dumpster. Her foot was smashed, and her ribs were cracked. She was being kept with Guinea pigs because the other rabbits were mean to her.

She is very much like a weird little dog.

TV is almost always with me wherever I am in the house. She does not sleep in a cage, she has full reign of the floors. She has a box with grass and paper litter which she goes to the bathroom in. She prefers sitting on the rugs, and only the rugs. No pillows or blankets. She is always interested in what I am doing

I got her a salt-lick because she kept licking us, rather aggressively. If we stopped petting her, she would lick our pants, legs, arms or hands and continue non-stop sometimes for five minutes or so. Someone asked “Well, do you think you would want to lick a rock of salt all day?” And I thought “yes” so I bought it. She never licked it once.

David Liebe Hart loves TV the Bunny Rabbit and asked me to mail him baby bunnies.

TV does not often sit on the beds or couches. When she does, she sits at the end near the corner.

She has lots of toys she never plays with.

She does love music, and comes and sits in the middle of the room when I’m playing records.

Then the Stunt Bunnies came

She didn’t care for their company.

She has these big ol ears.

Her favorite thing is to sleep.

Also she likes to climb.

She likes it when you pet her butt.

She does not like sitting in things.

She is very squishy.

Sometimes she watches me sleep.

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